Using diverse data sources and artificial intelligence-based analysis, the ZeroFox Platform identifies and remediates targeted phishing attacks, credential compromise, data exfiltration, brand hijacking, executive and location threats and more. The patented ZeroFox SaaS technology processes and protects millions of posts, messages and accounts daily across the social and digital landscape, spanning LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Instagram, Pastebin, YouTube, mobile app stores, the deep & dark web, domains, email and more.

Led by a team of information security and high-growth company veterans, ZeroFox has raised funding from NEA, Highland Capital, Intel Capital, Hercules Capital and others, and has collected top industry awards such as Red Herring Top 100 North America, the SINET16 Champion, Dark Reading’s Top Security Startups to Watch, Tech Council of Maryland’s Technology Company of the Year and the Security Tech Trailblazer of the Year.


Protect your business from revenue-damaging threats to your brand, your hard-earned social presence and your engaged customers across all social media and digital platforms. ZeroFox’s brand protection software secures your organization against account takeover, fake accounts, spoofed domains and scams targeting customers, in which attackers exploit brand logos, messaging and product photos to defraud customers. Effectively address external threats to your revenue, reputation and customer engagement.


Your website is often the first way for customers to engage with your organization. Protecting that engagement against spoofed domains, impersonations and hacking is critical. Identify and take down typosquatting, homoglyph, subdomain spoofing and other domain-based attacks before they reach your customers.


Executives, VIPs, and high-value targets are particularly susceptible to attacks and disruptions. Attackers leverage executive and celebrity reputation and influence through social media impersonations, account takeovers and business email compromise attacks to trick unsuspecting victims into divulging sensitive information and performing tasks. Public safety incidents can derail executive plans at a moment’s notice. The ZeroFox Platform enables you to protect your executives and VIPs by rapidly identifying and remediating cyber and physical risks across your organization’s publicly accessible attack surface or wherever they may be.


Safeguard business information against data leakage, breaches, and the illegal selling of data on a broad range of deep and dark websites, forums and chat rooms including TOR, I2P, ZeroNet and paste sites. Detect customer information leakage, account credentials, passport numbers and PII that puts your clients, employees, brand and business at risk. ZeroFox continuously monitors deep and dark channels in order to provide your team with early detection of information leakage, contextual analysis of cyberattacks, and actionable alerts.


Due to the dynamic and time-sensitive nature of real-world events, it is extremely difficult to accurately track, vet, and evaluate the true risk of live global incidents as they’re occurring. Corporate security teams need real-time situational awareness of unfolding events with dedicated resources available to immediately alert the right people at the right times.
ZeroFox Physical Security Intelligence has the flexibility to fit your organization’s precise geopolitical locations and exact physical security requirements — from small regional franchises to multinational enterprises.


Threats to physical and digital assets are escalating in scale and sophistication. Most organizations don’t have the tools, personnel, or time to keep up, but your organization’s success still rests on your ability to accurately assess and respond. ZeroFox’s On-Demand Investigation provides highly-skilled intelligence analysts who deliver deep-dive reports, technical Cyber Security analysis, threat assessments, research projects, and as-requested analytic projects tailored to your organization.


We know the underground because we live in the underground. Our global threat hunting and dark web intelligence team extends the reach of your security resources, engaging with the underground community. We give you an advantage over emerging threats and stop active threats before damage can be done. Integrated into hundreds of dark web communities and places where most can’t infiltrate, we combine open-source and human intelligence to fight back, engage with adversaries, triage threats and curate intelligence specific to you.

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