Fornetix® VaultCoreTM provides a critical layer of protection for the manufacturing industry. Whether data is at rest, in transit, or in the cloud, VaultCore helps ensure all data remains secure. VaultCore’s centralized, automated, and highly scalable cryptographic operations platform and encryption key management solution works across the entire manufacturing ecosystem, including connected devices. Rooted in zero trust architecture, VaultCore’s powerful policy deployment tools and robust device authentication have proven effective at securing data and mitigating harmful attacks on the manufacturing supply chain. The key benefit of VaultCore is providing alignment and governance in a standards-based model with a focus on API-based integration and interoperability. VaultCore’s combination of scale and zero trust architecture is ideal for multi-tiered manufacturing where data protection is expected to cross organizational boundaries.

  • Data Protection
  • Encryption
  • Governance, Risk And Compliance
  • Security Orchestration
  • Policy Management
The Future of Zero Trust

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