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Oxygen Forensics, Inc. is the leading global digital forensics software provider, giving law enforcement, federal agencies, and enterprises access to critical data and insights faster than ever before. Specializing in mobile devices, cloud, drones and IoT data, Oxygen Forensics provides the most advanced digital forensic data extraction and analytical tools for criminal and corporate investigations.

A US company, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, Oxygen Forensics has been providing solutions in the mobile device forensics market since the beginning of our mobile-connected world. Today, Oxygen Forensics has a presence in over 150 countries, among nearly 10,000 customers, spanning local and regional law enforcement agencies, defence and homeland security organizations, and private enterprises.



Oxygen Forensic® Detective is an all-in-one forensic software platform built to extract, decode, and analyze data from multiple digital sources: mobile and IoT devices, device backups, UICC and media cards, drones, and cloud services. Oxygen Forensic® Detective can also find and extract a vast range of artifacts, system files as well as credentials from Windows, macOS, and Linux machines.

The cutting edge and innovative technologies deployed in Oxygen Forensic® Detective include, but are not limited to, bypassing screen locks, locating passwords to encrypted backups, extracting and parsing data from secure applications and uncovering deleted data.

Furthermore, multiple extractions can be investigated in a single interface to gain a complete picture of the data. By using the integrated industry-leading analytical tools to find social connections, build timelines, and categorize images, law enforcement, corporate investigators and other authorized personnel can help make this world a safer place.


Oxygen Forensic® Detective is distributed in a USB dongle and is valid for a single user.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective is also available in the Enterprise version. This is a cost-efficient solution for organizations with multiple users and remote workstations. The Enterprise license has all the Detective features included but also offers additional functionality

  • This is a server-based solution. One computer, running the Oxygen Forensic® Detective Enterprise software with a single USB Enterprise dongle manages all the connections. You can choose how many concurrent connections you need. Oxygen Forensic® Detective Enterprise is distributed in 5, 10, 20 and 50 concurrent connections.
  • Oxygen Forensic® Detective Enterprise allows both local and Internet connections. You can smoothly connect to the Enterprise server from any part of the world.
  • With Oxygen Forensic® Detective Enterprise the administrator or expert can create a regular dongle, checking out a license for a set number of days, and you can take the dongle to places that might not have access to the remote license server, for example, in the field.


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