Fight cyber threats and win. Intel 471 empowers security teams to be proactive with our relevant and timely insights into the cyber underground.


Intel 471 provides you with an unparalleled global intelligence capability for humans and machines. Whether scaling your cybersecurity presence or just starting to build your team, we can help you fight cyber threats.
Tap Intel 471 Intelligence to gain up-to-the-moment coverage and analysis across all or a few of our core intelligence products: Adversary, Malware, Vulnerability and Credentials to gain better insights or tools than you’ve ever had before.


Intel 471 provides comprehensive coverage of the criminal underground. Our customers use TITAN, our SaaS platform which exposes locally sourced human-driven, automation-enabled insights to gain broad coverage and monitor the threats that matter most to their organization and leaders.




Secure the weakest link in your cybersecurity landscape.

Your company’s cybersecurity is only as strong as its weakest link, and that weak link comes from your third-party vendor or supplier. Digital supply chain attacks have increased by 650% in the last year, which is why your organization must be alerted to the cyber threats faced by your vendors and suppliers to successfully manage and secure your digital supply chain.

The Intel 471 TITAN platform continuously monitors the cyber underground, offering high-resolution visibility into your third-party risk and continuously monitors the cyber underground for threats emanating from your digital supply chain while providing near-real-time alerts of malicious activity and scams. This includes the buying and selling of your confidential and sensitive information such as: financial and crypto records, customer and employee data, and intellectual property.

The Intel 471 Titan Platform Helps Secure Your Digital Supply Chain by:

  • Observing where third-party risk threats emanate from and how threat actors communicate and buy/sell sensitive information in closed groups in the cybercriminal underground
  • Proactively identifying and addressing potential weak links, by requiring vulnerable or affected third parties to implement new controls to help stop malware, identify theft, crypting and more
  • Gaining constant monitoring and near-real-time alerting of relevant malicious activity that could impact your supply chain


Weak security postures of vendors and suppliers are often the starting points to a major incident or ransomware event for most organizations. Improve your digital risk management capabilities by increasing insights into your third-party risks with intel site reps and Intel 471 cybercrime intelligence.



Improve your digital risk management capabilities by increasing insights into your third-party risks with Intel 471 cyber underground intelligence.


Malicious Traffic Detection is exactly what it sounds like. It is the cornerstone of any security operation to identify and try to block any malicious inbound or outbound traffic. The frequency with which this occurs is surprisingly frequent despite some organization’s security measures.
Security Operations teams have an increasingly large number of indicators designed to detect malicious traffic. Despite the large volume of indicators, malicious traffic can still move freely. Increasing the number of indicators is the first step to prevention. Creating indicators based on past experience will always be reactive, however, remaining proactive is critical to stopping malicious traffic.


  • Supporting organization’s large number of indicators with additional intelligence products
  • Malware Intelligence uniquely sourced indicators and information to improve effectiveness of detection and blocking.
  • Adversary Intelligence insights into the tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of actors – specifically emerging TTPs.


Orient your defence mechanisms and intercept malicious traffic more effectively with Intel 471 cybercrime intelligence


Prioritize vulnerability patch management using Cyber Threat Intelligence Organizations attempt to develop a Vulnerability Patch Management strategy that proactively addresses vulnerabilities in their system by eliminating these open doors into their networks before threat actors exploit these vulnerabilities. With so many systems and so many vulnerabilities, organizations struggle to prioritize those vulnerabilities that represent the greatest risk to their organization.

Organizations employ internal teams or external vendors who will identify vulnerabilities in their system. However, the list is often exhaustive, aa no system can ever be bulletproof, despite the best efforts. Prioritization becomes key in knowing which vulnerabilities need to be patched immediately and which can wait. Knowing a threat actor’s intentions allows for much more efficient and informed prioritization.


  • Unrivalled knowledge of TTPs that can inform and focus the patching process
  • Providing direction and focus to teams, increasing the efficacy and effectiveness of their work.
  • Identifying threats from sources unique to our research capability, including human, machine, and malware sources



Compromised Credential Monitoring

Secure your credentials or risk these being leveraged by cybercriminals.

Compromised credentials are when someone other than the intended user is in possession of the account information – username and passwords. Malicious actors often use this information for monetary gain or as an initial access point into your organization’s system.

Cybercriminals gain unauthorized access credentials through a variety of methods, including:

  • Targeted phishing campaigns to obtain data and or customer credentials
  • Malware installed on a user’s computer, which collects account information without the user’s knowledge
  • Large-scale data breaches that collect confidential user/account information


Regardless of how the information is collected, the intent is to sell the information to other threat actors or to exploit the data for monetary gains.

Intel 471 Credential Intelligence Helps Organizations by:

  • Locating compromised credentials from sources unique to our research capability, including human, machine, and malware sources
  • Early identification that enables organizations to respond quickly and prevent or nullify possible damage
  • Monitoring capabilities for your employees, customers, and VIP personnel to mitigate credential exposure
  • Advising organizations on lockouts and account resets for quick protection against compromised credentials



Stop insiders from damaging your business and revenue.

Malicious insider attacks are among the most damaging to businesses, and the frequency of insider-led incidents is up 44% so far this year [2022]. Threat actors can leverage the human variable within your company to access organizational data and systems to conduct fraudulent activity, install malware, employ phishing and vishing scams, and commit identity theft.

Insider threat is the intentional or unintentional disclosure of key information by a human within an organization to a cybercriminal to conduct illegal activities or to gain further access into the organization’s data and systems.

Some insider threats include:

  • Employees unintentionally sharing key information directly with threat actors or allowing threat actors to access data within the organization.
  • Employees intentionally providing information to threat actors, often for financial compensation
  • Access is often leveraged to monetize intrusion and fraud techniques within an organization’s systems


Our TITAN platform highlights relevant closed source information, allowing our clients to set up alerts on insider threat activity related to their unique business priorities. This empowers CTI Teams to protect their organizations from insider threats by looking beyond the company perimeter to proactively target relevant threats, such as:

  • Monitoring closed sources in the cyber underground where malicious insiders advertise their company’s information to be used for fraudulent activity
  • Receiving immediate notifications about insider threat activity related to unique business priorities
  • Hardening controls and proactively address insider threats
  • Setting up alerts about insider threat activity using our partner integrations
  • Set up alerts on relevant insider threat activity
  • Knowing the fraud actor’s intent, Intel 471 can make recommendations on how organizations can immediately protect themselves and even how they can reduce future threats


By identifying the early signs of malicious insider activity with Intel 471 threat intelligence, CTI Teams can prevent destructive insider attacks before they occur. Using traditional security controls coupled with our continuous coverage of the cyber underground is your best defence against insider threats.


Your brand is your reputation, don’t let cybercriminals damage it.

On average, threat actors can penetrate 93% of company networks in just two days causing irrefutable damage to that organization’s image and finances. Make sure your brand is protected from all cyber threats and identity theft scams.

Our cyber underground intelligence solutions and intel site reps equip your CTI teams with insights into who the relevant threat actors are, how they’re collaborating, and their next planned attack.

The Intel 471 TITAN platform uses monitoring, host alerting and intelligence to drive proactive action and protect your brand from a wide range of risks such as:

  • Insider threat activity or discussions amongst threat actors
  • Targeted for phishing campaigns to obtain data and or customer credentials
  • Being included into Malware configurations
  • Become a target of fraud tools such as account checkers
  • Highlighted in compromised credential dumps


Your brand can be compromised in innumerable ways with the purpose often being to extort money from your organization or your customers.


Using in depth Intel 471 Malware Intelligence Reports provide analysis of malware families and features, network traffic, how to identify, detect and decode it, extract and parse its configuration, control server(s) encryption key and campaign ID.

  • Your CTI team can leverage TITAN to create alerts that will route to people and machines in both a feature rich UI and API
  • Monitor for company brands, domains, exec names, and leaked credentials associated with your company, clients, and employees
  • Request for Information (RFIs) can be created by you to answer specific, critical questions
  • An addition to your wider brand protection strategy that serves as a force multiplier, not a single solution.


In today’s digital world, the stakes are too high to ignore the underground and the actors operating within it. There’s more at stake than just your data. Protect your brand against reputational and financial harm with Intel 471 cyber underground intelligence.

Intel 471 empowers cybersecurity teams worldwide to be proactive with its TITAN platform and comprehensive coverage into the criminal underground.

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