New Acquisitions To Bolster CYBER1 Expansion Into Africa
New Acquisitions To Bolster CYBER1 Expansion Into Africa
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CYBER1’s acquisition of 50% of Cyber Security South Africa (“CSSA”) and Cyber Security Africa Distribution (“CSAD”) last year are expected to further establish CYBER1’s position in African markets and bolster the company’s plans to develop within these markets.

With a surge in digitisation and cloud adoption across the continent, Africa presents significant opportunities for cyber security sector growth. Modernisation of industries such as banking and financial services, government and oil and gas in Africa has increased cyber risk and is making cyber security a top priority for organisations across the continent.

CSSA and CSAD, both established players in the African cyber security market, are well placed to deliver on the growing demand for security products and services on the continent.

CSSA is an industry-leading, value-added, Cyber Security Technology Distributor, backed by globally recognised international vendors. The company offers a comprehensive list of solutions to mitigate information security risk – working through trusted local channel partners across South Africa.

Founded by IT industry veterans with over 80 years of industry experience between them, CSSA collaborates with its partners to help create the market, assisting from proof of concept through to installation, deployment, and training. Fielding a team of skilled cyber security consultants and security engineers, CSSA, as a value-added distributor, addresses the security skills shortage faced by South African enterprises.

Toni Bowker, MD of CSSA, says: “The network and trust we have developed over the years sets CSSA apart from other organisations. This solid foundation will support CSSA’s – and the group’s – growth as we work with our new sister company CSAD to maximise synergies and take advantage of opportunities to increase access to leading cyber security technologies and help organisations across the continent achieve their data protection objectives.”

CSAD is an industry-leading value-added distributor focused on the mitigation of information security using niche, complex and relevant security solutions. CSAD has presences in East, West, North, Central Africa as well as the SADC region.

Martin Britz, CEO of CSAD, says the acquisition by CYBER1 will support the already-strong growth CSAD
has been experiencing.

He says: “2021 was an exceptional year for CSAD and we exceeded all expectations we had at the beginning of the year. The momentum and pipeline built during 2021, allows CSAD to project a minimum of 20% revenue growth on the 2021 numbers. Key focus countries for growth during 2022 includes Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Ethiopia. CSAD is only starting to mature vendors such as Mimecast and Thales and should see substantial growth with these two vendors. Further organic growth projected with partners like Trellix, CyberArk and Rapid7

The continued escalation and growth in the threat landscape with a more focused targeting of African clients combined with a continued growth in the hybrid work environment, zero trust networks and a broader board focus on Cyber Security, will see the expansion of our market in 2022.”

He notes that while CYBER1 acquired a 50% stake in CSAD in 2021, it also has an option to take the remaining 50% by September 2022.

Britz says: “The current CSAD momentum with our existing vendors and reselling partners positions us for a great 2022. The onboarding within the CYBER1 Group, with access to more funding and additional vendors stands to propel us in 2022 and beyond.”

“The acquisition by CYBER1 provides access to additional funding and vendor relationships held within the broader CYBER1 group. The funding will allow the acceleration of growth in key countries and building depth within the CSAD team. The onboarding of new vendors will facilitate exponential growth for CSAD,” he says.

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