X1 creates exceptional solutions for people and organizations that need to find information, whether on individual desktops, company networks or social media at the fastest speeds in the industry. Powered by patented and award winning technology, X1 supports more than 600 enterprise customers and more than 600,000 active commercial and government users.

X1 Social Discovery

X1 Social Discovery aggregates comprehensive social media content and internet-based data into a single user interface. Other competitive solutions are narrowly focused upon a single social network – often having a separate application for each – and have no ability to aggregate all collected data into a single interface. X1 Social Discovery allows all collected data to be analyzed in one place and supports filtering across both metadata and content from social networks, websites and webmail.

X1 Social Discovery is designed to address social media content from the leading social media networking sites, websites and email including:

  • Web pages & websites
  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Twitter
  • Outlook.com
  • Instagram
  • AOL Mail
  • YouTube
  • Internet Message Access
  • Tumblr Protocol (IMAP)

Unlike simple archiving and image capture solutions, X1 Social Discovery provides for a true end-to-end workflow with a solution that can effectively find, collect, search, and produce social media and web data all from a single interface. X1 aggregates data from these multiple sources in real time, in a highly scalable and case-centric manner all while preserving critical metadata not possible through screen capture or printouts. X1 Social Discovery saves investigators critical man hours and enables reactive data collection capabilities for social media and website collections in a manner consistent with evidentiary best practices.

Also unique in the industry, X1 Social Discovery collects social media metadata in a legally defensible manner, preserves the chain of custody, and has the ability to collect up to dozens of metadata fields directly from supported social networks. X1 Social Discovery uses the same court-accepted digital hashing algorithm used by digital forensics and eDiscovery professionals to validate and authenticate their data.

Key Advantages

  • Collect from multiple social media platforms and web sources
  • Organize collections with a case-centric workflow
  • Preserve more comprehensive metadata unique to each item captured
  • Easily collect and review data within a single interface
  • Control your data with collections that are instantly saved locally
  • Export to multiple formats including load file for Relativity/RelativityOne
  • X1’s patented “Fast-As-You-Type” technology and patented web page authentication

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