Paraben Corporation
Paraben Corporation


Paraben Corporation is a 20+ year provider of digital forensic technology for both the acquisition and analysis of data from computers, smartphones, and cloud data sources.

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The E3 Forensic Platform is designed to make both the acquisition and collection of data as well as the analysis Easy, Effective, and Efficient all of these are what makes the E3 Forensic Platform the perfect solution for any organization.

When processing the collection stage of data the E3 Forensic Platform can work with anything from collecting computer data both in-person and remotely, cloud-related data, and mobile-related data that includes both Apple iOS and Android as well as many other mobile platforms. Each collection/acquisition option is designed to adhere to all the digital forensics best practices while maintaining proper digital forensic images.

The analysis processes of the E3 Forensic Platform cover all the areas that are the artifacts you need when doing any type of investigation. From the analysis and process of data from Windows systems to know everything from email, web history, and what they attached to the system to the deep dive into the smartphone data and the analysis of popular Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more. Each part of the analysis process can support multiple languages, OCR, and searching capabilities for unique items such as cryptocurrency and even illicit content. The full range of investigations is supported with the threaded analysis engines.

When closing out an investigation it is good to know your tools can support you with clean and comprehensive reporting. The reports in the E3 Forensic Platform are like working in a platform of your own with the easy review and navigation sharing information is concise and precise when you review it with the E3 Forensic Platform 15+ different reports.


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