Kinesense LE provide you with one platform to manage all your video Investigation tasks. By combining our smart video search technology with easy-to-use reporting functionality, investigators can generate leads faster.”

Kinesense LE saves investigators valuable time, which leads to faster-charging decisions and convictions and ultimately saving police forces vast sums of money.
Kinesense LE comprises a suite of video analytics modules in one easy-to-use software platform that enables investigators to efficiently deal with video from capture to searching, to creating detailed evidence reports. With an inclusive library of virtualised players, it can ingest video from an extensive range of CCTV cameras, leading to covert systems from Ovation, Timespace, etc. plus it is integrated with Milestone and Genetec VMS systems.


  • Different proprietary video formats can be converted into a viewable format.
  • Investigators can search the video by creating and defining their own filters and highlighting only key events. This also eliminates the human’s natural short attention span, reducing the chances of missed events.
  • Evidence can be bookmarked, redacted, annotated, and storyboarded as Word, PDF, or video files for team briefings and court reports.
  • Investigators can save up to 95% time compared to manual searching, saving the force significant amounts of time and money and reducing backlogs.
  • By finding and exporting only key evidence this significantly reduces the storage required in police IT systems.
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