Human Firewall
Human Firewall


HumanFirewall® transforms employees from an organisation’s weakest link into their strongest line of defence. It is a world first security awareness and training platform that also works when real attacks strike.

It augments with technology what humans lack in attention. It gamifies the learning experience via phishing simulations, builds individual risk-profiles, rewards real-time reporting, remediates incidents instantly, orchestrates auto-blacklisting enterprise wide via easy-to-deploy one-click integration with O365, GSuite, Exchange and others. Available to buy 100% on-prem, 100% Local-country cloud, Your own tenancy on AWS/Azure/GCP and others OR as 100% SaaS.


Make your users a P.R.R.R.O. at cyber security! Make them your HumanFirewall®. #StopGettingPhished!


How do you transform users from ordinary humans from “Tony Stark” to “IronMan” instantly? Don’t wait months to train your staff, transform them instantly with the power of augmented reality

  • P: It alters Psychology by automating and gamifying the learning experience.
  • R: It builds Risk-profiles at an individual, team, departmental and org-wide level.
  • R: It enables real-time R
  • R: It Remediates incidents in real-time when real attacks strike.
  • O: It Orchestrates auto-blacklisting across all cyber investments.
Human Firewall
With Crowd Wisdom Tm Utilize The Power Of Employee-Turned-Phish-Ninjas And Protect Your Organization Against Zero-Day Phishing Techniques.

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