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D3 Security

D3 Security provides leading enterprises, MSSPs and MDR firms with the next generation of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions. D3’s XGEN SOAR Platform provides powerful automation for each SOC tier, enabling real-time alert enrichment and prioritization, and improving incident response, threat hunting and SOC operations. XGEN SOAR features 500+ premium integrations and no-code/low-code playbooks.


D3 is the leading independent provider of next-generation security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) software, which many of the world’s most sophisticated enterprises and MSSPs use to:

  • Integrate their entire security stack on a single interface
  • Ingest, filter, and enrich security alerts from SIEMs, EDRs, NDRs, and more
  • Build and execute codeless incident response playbooks
  • Proactively hunt for threats in their environment
  • Track and report on security operations center (SOC) metrics


As cyber attacks increase in volume and sophistication, security teams can no longer afford to waste time fighting a constant flood of alerts while navigating disparate tools that don’t work together.

D3 XGEN SOAR solves these problems with
automated enrichment, powerful codeless playbooks, and deep integrations with 500+ tools that harness the power of your entire security stack.


D3’s Event Pipeline is a powerful asset for enterprises and MSSPs that streamlines alert-handling with automated data normalization, threat triage, and auto-dismissal of false positives—ensuring that only genuine threats get escalated to analysts.

When a real threat is identified, D3 brings together alerts and rich contextual data to create high-fidelity incidents that provide analysts with the complete picture of an attack.


D3 clients reduce their MTTD and MTTR by as much as 90%, while shifting their focus from repetitive alert-handling to proactive tasks that shut down attacks before they can develop.

D3 Security
The Next-Generation SOAR Platform

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