CCL Solutions
CCL Solutions

CCL Solutions Group is one of Europe’s leading digital investigation specialists, supporting law enforcement, government agencies, corporates and law firms in the UK and around the world. It brings together digital forensics, data discovery, investigation support and cyber security to help clients recover, analyze, review and protect data.

For 20 years CCL has been setting the pace – and setting the standards. Our forensics lab is the largest in Europe and remains one of only a handful of UK labs accredited to ISO 17025, with the broadest certified scope in the industry.

Our cyber division upholds a similar gold standard, with CHECK and CREST underpinning our pen testing and wide-ranging security assessments. By bringing cyber and forensic intelligence pools together, clients have a deep well of connected expertise to draw on.

That well goes deeper still when you factor in CCL’s innovative approach to data discovery and review; platforms, processes and people come together to extract more meaning more quickly from data recovered – helping transform the velocity and efficiency of complex investigations.

With over 150+ forensic analysts, investigators and cyber specialists, CCL has the scale, scope and skillset to respond promptly and proficiently to challenges across the data spectrum: from advanced mobile forensic collections to complex cell site analysis; from high volume data processing to online review; from Red Teaming to incident response.


  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Post breach detection


  • Data recovery
  • Digital forensics
  • Duplicators & imagers
  • Forensic hardware
  • Mobile forensics
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