BitMindz was founded in 2018 in an effort to provide law enforcement, military, government, and corporate entities with enterprise-class workstations, processing and decryption engines, as well as other hardware solutions. Our products are crafted with cutting edge technology to deliver the fastest, most reliable systems on the marketplace. We pride ourselves in offering superior customized hardware at affordable prices with the support you expect and deserve. We constantly strive to innovate and lead the industry in technological advancements often times releasing groundbreaking hardware and designs to support the forensic community.


Processing Engines are different from Forensic Workstations in the fact that they are geared towards maximum processing with an emphasis on extremely fast and robust volumes to process data much more efficiently than the standard forensic workstation. While we feature write blockers in our systems, the main focal point is pure data processing at speeds unrivaled by any other manufacturer.

We are able to obtain these speeds through testing and evaluating hardware and software. This gives us discreet knowledge about what hardware configurations provide fast results you expect from a system or Processing Engine. Most of our systems are customized systems for each customer with a proven track record of performance and reliability.


Nuix creates innovative software that empowers organizations to simply and quickly find the truth from any data in a digital world. Nuix Software helps organizations overcome the challenges of litigation, investigation, risk, compliance, governance, and security. We build custom Processing Engines enabling the true power of the Nuix processing engine.
Our engineers have over a decade of experience with the Nuix engine and we translate that experience into the design and implementation of our systems which are specifically crafted to compliment the sheer power of Nuix. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies to successfully implement a powerful Forensic and eDiscovery support platform. Our engineers work directly with Nuix and are a Nuix Certified Partner to craft the most advanced system on the market.

Advances in technology bring many challenges to examiners and practitioners. Encryption, larger volume sizes, high-resolution video, complex algorithms, and A.I. are all part of an equation that require more processing cores, faster volumes, CUDA or Stream Processors, and an abundance of RAM to efficiently process the data and attempt to decrypt volumes, folders, files, etc.


It takes knowledge, experience, and know-how to design systems specifically geared towards each application package. We pull from decades of experience in computer forensics and cryptography to build the most efficient decryption & science engines. In fact, we’re experienced in teaching law enforcement and the corporate community in the science of cryptography. The ability to design and implement systems that combine multiple technologies gives you the fastest and most favorable results. We strive to innovate and bring technology to the forefront of the forensic and science community.

Today’s ever expanding advances in technology brings many challenges to the table with the forensics and eDiscovery community. We offer practical solutions specifically designed for data storage and processing, as well as a combination of both storage and processing.


The best approach is to offer a “mix-and-match” solution whereby practitioners can pick and choose the components built into a combined system. Some examiners need partial storage with another module for data processing and a single or dual 4U chassis for decryption, while others simply need storage. Offering the capability to implement different solutions affords the end-user a customized system to meet their individual or agency needs.

We have the knowledge in the the design team in place to give you a comprehensive pragmatic approach . Feel free to email or call us to discuss options or requests.

Our products offer innovative, cutting-edge technology delivering the fastest, most reliable systems in the marketplace.

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