Founded in 2018, Binalyze has quickly earned a reputation within the DFIR community as a trusted and innovative company. The company aims to create simple, smart, and high-performance solutions that meet modern Digital Forensics and Incident Response needs. Binalyze’s team of researchers and security experts is redefining Enterprise Forensics for the benefit of businesses worldwide.


Built on our proprietary IREC engine, collecting digital forensic evidence from any endpoint on your network is just a few clicks on the AIR management console.
AIR collects over 150 different types of evidence and is finished in under 10 minutes.


Find the relevant events in your digital forensic evidence quicker and with less resources using DRONE, AIR’s rapid, assisted compromise assessment module.
DRONE has more than 20 modular analysers, as well as powerful keyword, YARA and Sigma searching, to guide you to the critical evidence in just minutes


Move seamlessly from forensic evidence acquisition and findings to rapid Triage across your network directly from the AIR management console.
AIR’s powerful triage capabilities help you dramatically reduce your Mean Time to Remediation (MTTR) by scanning concurrently from a single remote console and delivering Auto Actions.


Create comprehensive event timelines in a single click and just a few minutes. Expand the scope of your timeline as the investigation proceeds to reach the correct conclusions quicker.
Creating collaborative timelines with AIR brings all your investigation data into a single place, saving time and letting you work as a team.


With our flexible integration features you can automate your forensic digital evidence capabilities in minutes to deliver genuine enterprise-grade functionality.
AIR is making digital forensics remote, scalable and automated – bringing Enterprise Forensics to the live incident response workflows and creating value through resilience.

Delivering Cyber Resilience with Modern DFIR

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