TRINEXIA joins forces with Next DLP to provide Insider Risk and Real Time Data Protection Solutions for organizations in the Middle East
TRINEXIA joins forces with Next DLP to provide Insider Risk and Real Time Data Protection Solutions for organizations in the Middle East
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Wednesday 22 November 2023: TRINEXIA signs distribution with Next DLP to provide Insider Risk and Data Protection Solutions in the Middle East region.

Navigating the hybrid work landscape involves constant movement and change among people, users, and data. In this dynamic environment, individuals engage in the creation, manipulation, and sharing of data across diverse channels. The opportunity for data loss is infinite and individuals are often the main source, whether malicious or accidental. Instead of blocking productivity through restrictive measures, organizations should consider adopting a proactive data protection strategy centered on employee education about potential risks.

The Reveal Platform, by Next DLP, instantly identifies risk, including suspicious insider behavior, so you can quickly implement policies to secure sensitive data. Organizations are able to balance blocking with point-of-risk user training, all while your business keeps humming. Born and built in the cloud, it’s data loss prevention at the heart of a modern security ecosystem.

“This partnership marks the start of an exciting journey, combining TRINEXIA’s expertise in cybersecurity and digital forensics with Next DLP’s innovative data protection solutions” said Stefan Jarlgren, Vice President EMEA at Next DLP. “Our partnership is more than just a collaboration; it’s a commitment to redefine data security in the hybrid work era. Together, we aim to empower organizations in the Middle East with advanced tools and knowledge to protect their data and foster a culture of proactive security awareness. This alliance marks a significant step towards a more secure and resilient digital future.”

Next’s Reveal SaaS Platform: Key Features and Innovations

  • Next-gen endpoint agent: Next Reveal is the first DLP agent to deliver Machine Learning on the endpoint. Next’s smart agent identifies and categorizes data at the point of risk. It begins baselining activity at deployment and uses multiple behavioral analytics algorithms to define typical vs. anomalous behavior, delivering data protection that doesn’t rely on a connection to a separate analysis engine while all personal data remains on the device.
  • Built with today’s technology: Next’s high-performance agent combined with a cloud-native, multi-tenant platform provides organizations with speedy deployments, flexibility and immediate visibility. The non-intrusive, system-aware, self-auditing agent works seamlessly within customer ecosystems respecting existing business processes.
  • User training at the point of risk: Next enables a positive security culture by empowering employees and building a dynamic “human firewall.” Adaptable security measures and real-time training increase productivity and reduce risk of data loss.


“We are thrilled to welcome Next DLP and their cutting-edge Data Protection Solutions into our portfolio,” expresses Laurence Elbana, Director – Middle East & India. This strategic collaboration enables us to extend our capabilities, catering not only to public and private organizations but also addressing the unique needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The integration of Next’s innovative insider risk and data loss prevention solutions enhances our commitment to providing comprehensive data protection services across diverse sectors.”

About Next DLP

Next DLP (“Next”) is a leading provider of data protection solutions for organizations with valuable data that must uncover risk, educate employees and fulfill security, compliance, and regulatory needs. Next’s mission is to reinvent data protection for today’s distributed organization. It is disrupting the legacy data loss prevention market with a user-centric, flexible, cloud-native, AI/ML-powered solution built for today’s threat landscape. The company’s leadership brings decades of cyber and technology experience from Fortra (formerly HelpSystems), Digital Guardian, Forcepoint, Mimecast, IBM, Cisco, and Shopify. Next is trusted by organizations big and small, from Fortune 100 finance and retailers to fast-growing healthcare and technology companies. For more information, visit


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We are a pure-play provider of cybersecurity and forensics solutions, to both public and private sector enterprises. At TRINEXIA, we are consistently and successfully adding great value to our partner community, with our partners, we design and deliver intuitive, trusted, and leading solutions that are customized to achieve the required results, whilst being admired for our people, partnerships, and performance.

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