NEW UPDATE - Exterro FTK Suite 7.6
NEW UPDATE – Exterro FTK Suite 7.6
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Leverage the power of the Exterro FTK Suite to bring mobile data to life, accelerate remote endpoint investigations, and scale up your investigations with enterprise-ready infrastructure.

The newest version of the world’s most trusted digital Forensic Toolkit is made for speed!

Lightning-Fast Mobile Data: Processing Process and parse native mobile data faster than ever with FTK solutions. 70% of law enforcement investigations and a rising number of civil cases involve mobile data, but mobile acquisition tools are not optimized to process this data efficiently. With the fastest scalable processing engine on the market, FTK can cut through mobile evidence up to 20 times faster, allowing investigators to pinpoint critical evidence, rapidly close cases, and bring criminals to justice sooner.

Live Triage of Remote Endpoint: Data FTK solutions are essential in securing modern organizations’ remote workforce. Examiners can now perform a rapid risk assessment of a suspected compromised endpoint—even if it is disconnected from the VPN network—by previewing the live contents of an off-network endpoint before performing a time-consuming full-disk collection.

Need to Scale Up and Go Bigger?

The FTK Suite is enterprise-ready and fully scalable for large forensic labs and corporations, sizeable cases, and heavy case volumes.


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