Global DFIR brand TRINEXIA returns to World Police Summit 2023
Global DFIR brand TRINEXIA returns to World Police Summit 2023
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TRINEXIA is set to showcase its top digital forensics vendors and their solutions at the upcoming World Police Summit on 7-9 March 2023 in Dubai, UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 7th 2023 – With over 15000 expected visitors, at the upcoming World Police Summit, it will be a global platform to showcase our leading digital forensics and Incident Response vendors their investigative solutions.

TRINEXIA hopes to inspire the next generation of policing and law enforcements professionals. Especially, given the rising demand for investigative products and solutions, TRINEXIA will bring their top vendors like Voyager Labs, Exterro, Binalyze, Medex Forensics, Kinesense and ZecOps at this summit.

“At this Summit, Voyager Labs will showcase the most advanced AI-based investigation solutions that are helping public safety organizations worldwide to identify threats, mitigate risk and solve criminal cases by gaining deep investigative insights about entities, individuals, groups, and topics.’’ said Gary Miller, EVP & General Manager, Voyager Labs.

‘’The World Police Summit is such an exciting opportunity to showcase the value of our digital forensics and incident response platform. Not only does AIR help organizations to realize massive time savings in their DFIR investigations, but they’ll be more informed, thanks to having full investigative visibility. It’s great to be here with TRINEXIA; we can’t wait to share how AIR can benefit more enterprises and help improve their overall security posture.’’ added Dee Richartz, VP of Sales (EMEA), Binalyze.

With exciting keynote presentations on Crime Prevention, Police Innovation & Resilience, Anti-Narcotics, Forensic Science, Drones and K9, the summit will bring the whole of forensics and investigative communities from across the world in one place.

“At Medex Forensics we develop and deploy digital forensic technology to help identify child predators, fight digital crime, and combat disinformation. This summit will provide us with a perfect opportunity to showcase our solutions to over 100+ Chiefs of Police and thousands of law enforcement professionals who will be in attendance,’’ said Bertram Lyons, CEO and Co-Founder, Medex Forensics.

Furthermore, Garreth Scott, Managing Director at TRINEXIA Middle East & India added ‘’DFIR has been a core part of our business and we have been participating at the World Police Summit for years now. It has always been a pleasure to connect and network with like-minded and well-renowned digital forensics and investigative professionals from all across the world. The vast diversity and the depth of this summit to focus on unique topics like AI & Video Analytics, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Mobile Technology, CCTV & Video Surveillance is really impressive’’.

Don’t miss your chance to meet experts from TRINEXIA and learn about the VAD’s broad portfolio of DFIR vendors and offerings at World Police Summit on Stand #6B22 at Dubai World Trade Center.

To find out more about or visit the World Police Summit visit here

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