Credence Security teams up with Binalyze to provide Enterprise Forensics Solutions in the Middle East, India and Africa region
Credence Security teams up with Binalyze to provide Enterprise Forensics Solutions in the Middle East, India and Africa region
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Binalyze is helps in making enterprises and managed service providers cyber resilient through fast, scalable, and automated digital forensics.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Monday 12th October 2022: Founded in 2018, Binalyze is a leading player in Enterprises Forensics, and they have teamed up with Dubai-based VAD Credence Security to distribute their state-of-the-art forensic solutions to enterprises and government institutions in the Middle East, India and Africa.

As per IBM cost of a Data Breach Report 2021, the average cost of a data leak event is $4.2 million, and the cost of ransomware is $4.6 million, excluding the given ransom. Data breaches that took over 200 days to identify and contain costs on average $4.87 million.29% of the Average total cost of a data breach was detection and escalation costs, mostly consisting of Forensic and investigative activities.

‘With Credence Security trusted reputation, long-standing relationships within the enterprise security marketplace in addition to their excellent pre and post-sales support capability we look forward in accelerating our growth across these regions’ said Dee Richartz, VP EMEA, Binalyze.

Speed and resilience have become the top priorities for every business today and some recent studies indicate that it just takes a few hours for a threat actor to get what it needs once they find a gap in systems. Hence, organisations need be more holistic in their DFIR approach and that’s where Binalyze comes in play to help speed up incident response processes by providing forensically sound visibility to enterprises and MSSPs at scale.

‘Middle East, India and Africa have almost been our top priority markets to provide the best-in-class forensics solutions and cater to the investigation needs of various stakeholders’ said Yusuf Usta, Lead Solutions Expert from Binalyze.

Futhermore Garreth Scott, Managing Director of Credence Security added ‘It’s exciting to bring Binalyze and their solutions on board to the Credence Security portfolio. As the world’s fastest & most comprehensive enterprise forensics suite, we look forward in delivering high speed investigative solutions to our end-user customers and our partners’.

To summarise, the Credence Security and Binalyze partnership will focus on providing the latest innovative Enterprise Forensics solutions to end users and partners across the Middle East, India and African region.

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