Teel Tech Chip-Off 2.0 Forensics Training
Events: Teel Tech Chip-Off 2.0 Forensics Training
Event Location: Middle East & India
Event Type: Live / In-person
Event Date: 19 June 2023
- 23 June 2023
Event Time: 9:00 am
- 5:00 pm


In collaboration with Teel Technologies, we are delighted to bring the ‘Teel Tech Chip-Off 2.0 Forensics Training’. Teel Tech Chip-Off 2.0 Forensics Training course will provide students with a comprehensive education into performing forensics on memory chips used in today’s mobile devices and other media. This five-day course consists of hands-on practical and theory presentations that encompass proper and safe chip removal and data extraction.

Why take Chip-Off 2.0 Course?

Chip-Off will support the following:
– Damaged or destroyed devices
– Devices unsupported by commercial tools
– Unsupported advanced data extraction methods
– Automobile Infotainment Systems
– Drones
– IoT Devices


Chip-Off 2.0 Course Outline

This training provides the students with a full perspective of the Chip-off process as it relates to Advanced Mobile Forensics techniques.
This new version 2.0 training will explore new techniques on the market; handling of new types of Flash Memory; Students are provided with in depth PowerPoint as a reference as well as clear concise videos of the process they are taught.

504 Swiss Tower, Cluster Y – Dubai
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/DevrwqLBXceDttTx7

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