Oxygen Forensics Bootcamp Training
Events: Oxygen Forensics Bootcamp Training
Event Location: Middle East & India
Event Type: Live / In-person
Event Type: Live / In Person
Event Date: 8 August 2022
Event Time: 9:00 am


This three-day instructor-led training event is geared toward students that have a working familiarity with mobile device extraction and analysis and focuses on extraction, use-case, and reporting capabilities of the Oxygen Forensic Detective.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective is the flagship technology of Oxygen Forensics and a world-class suite of tools that allow an investigator to ingest mobile device data from industry standard extraction formats into a database architecture for single device analysis or multi-device analytics.

Students will begin by learning to extract an iOS and Android device and import multiple extraction formats of Android, Apple and other device and data types. The course continues with students learning core technology allowing them organize data, streamline workflows, and learn reporting methods that will enable them to return to their environments and immediately apply new ideas.

In addition, students will leave this course with an Oxygen Forensics Learning Management System (LMS) account and in-depth preparation for the Oxygen Forensic Detective certification process!

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