Introducing Balbix AI Powered Cyber Risk Management Platform
Events: Introducing Balbix AI Powered Cyber Risk Management Platform
Event Location: Middle East & India
Event Type: Virtual / Online
Event Type: Virtual / Online
Event Date: 2 April 2024
Event Time: 11:00 am
- 12:00 pm

Every company is now a digital organization and enterprise businesses are openly acknowledging that Cyber Risk is now recognised within their Top 5 areas of concern. CISOs are facing greater scrutiny from their boards to defend the effectiveness of their Information Security programs, as well addressing the new regulatory requirements.

Taking place on 2nd April at 11 am GST, join the experts at Balbix for a deep dive into the key components of their AI-Powered Cyber Risk Management Platform. During the session Balbix will discuss and showcase how their platform is transforming the cyber risk reduction journey for the customer. By understanding the attack surface and digital assets, Balbix helps enterprise-sized organizations elevate their cyber risk posture and quickly burn down business risk.

Topics in focus: 

  • Cyber Risk Challenges in 2024
  • The risk reduction journey with Balbix
  • Expected outcomes from the Balbix platform
  • Dashboard Demonstration


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